Starting a period after sex

Many specialists associate changes in sex drive with fluctuations in the ratio of estrogen and progesterone — the hormones produced in the ovaries. A boost in estrogen can lead to increased libido before period, while boosted progesterone leads to a lower sex drive. During menstruation and a few days after it, the concentration of both hormones is low, which can cause a decrease in sexual desire. By the time of ovulation, your estrogen levels go up, reaching their peak, which is why your libido will normally get more intense during this period. Ovulation is followed by an increase in progesterone production, which may lead to a drop in your sex drive.
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Unprotected sex, then my period: I'm not pregnant, right?

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Unprotected sex, then my period: I'm not pregnant, right? | Scarleteen

There are various reasons why a woman might wish to induce her menstrual cycle. Perhaps she wants to get her period over and done with before a holiday or a special occasion. Maybe she has an irregular cycle and wants more predictability so that she can plan a pregnancy. Or her period could be delayed, causing her to feel stressed or worried.
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What causes a woman to bleed after sex?

Whether you are trying to conceive or looking to avoid pregnancy without birth control , timing can make all the difference in the world. One of the more common questions asked by women is whether you can get pregnant if you have had sex immediately before, during, or immediately following your period. While the answers are not always cut-and-dry, there are times when pregnancy is more likely and others when the chances are pretty slim. By and large, your likelihood of conceiving right before your period is low.
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You can only get pregnant during a narrow window of five to six days a month. When these fertile days actually occur depends on when you ovulate , or release an egg from your ovary. This can shift the fertile window by a few days in a given month. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days , with the first day of menstruation as cycle day 1. Most periods last two to seven days.
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