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I find the former far less offensive and far more understandable. FYI, all of these tactics are ineffective, because the underlying premise is wrong. Fact: different women have different sized vaginas and noses, and hands, and feet, and boobs, and asses, etc. Men have different sized penises and noses, and hands, and feet, and asses, etc. We are all built differently. This should really not be surprising.
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Maya Khamala

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How to Make Your Vagina Taste Good (And Smell Good, Too!)

I knew that staring was rude. But it was hard not to stare at the realistically rendered, X-rated perspective of a splayed vagina on view in one of the most celebrated museums in the world. No face, no legs, no arms, just ladybits. Not a fig leaf in sight. People were milling about, snickering or averting their gaze once their brains registered what they were looking at. It was the winter of
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How An Encounter With The World's Most Famous Vagina Painting Changed My Life

He sees a pretty girl and immediately enters his primal and virile "win-her-over" stage. Then it's up to the both of you to keep things creative. This is where you might have to pick up the slack, because a lot of decent men bless their hearts are just not that creative. Let him watch you strut your stuff.
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She moved closer, nudgedmy face with her chin and resumed her place at the nook of my neck. I turned to see Deshawn, Stephanie and Courtney staringat us with their mouths open. Ten minutes later we stood at the valet deskand waited for my carto pull up. Courtney turned toward me with the biggest smile.
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